More a Poet than a Balladeer lyrics - track 02

Phil met Suzy

Phil met Suzy at the college dance       Fate Luck or Chance
Possibilities in a glance    He made her laugh   they became Friends
And maybe that’s where the story ends    but as they shared moments alone
Love came along    love came along
Phil bought Suzy a diamond ring    White silver gold   such a pretty thing
She showed her friends    now they all knew   Phil and Suzy one and one makes two
And as they walked hand in hand    love made its stand    love made its stand

White light shines on your head     White clothes lying on your bed
White in all that you read    White in the words that you said
I do    yes yes I do - yes yes  I do

Phil and Suzy saw them yesterday       fine they say
Looking forward to family days     Walks in the park    School days after that
A brother a sister maybe more    can’t be sure where life will go
As love grows   as love grows   as time flows   as time flows 

White shawl covers the bed    white light shines on her head
White in all that they read    White in the words that they said
For you    love love for you      love love for you

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