2014 Results

Bob Reid     Category: Instrumental Score: 7    Position: Semi-Finalist Horns to Bones ("Instrumentals"
Bob Reid     Category: Christian/Gospel  Score: 6     Position: Commended Entry Heaven All Around ("Deeper Places")
Bob Reid     Category: Instrumental Score: 6 Position: Commended Entry Invisible Band  ("Instrumentals")
Bob Reid     Category: Instrumental  Score: 5     Position: Commended Entry A Walk in April ("Instrumentals")

Information from the contest:

A score of 4, 5 and 6 indicates that the writer has demonstrated genuine songwriting ability and understanding and all songs with these scores will receive a Commended Entry Certificate to reflect this. Scores in this range are regarded as good scores by the judges. As the UKSC always attracts a very high standard of entries most songs in this contest will usually fall somewhere in this range. A score of 6 is a borderline semi finalist score and indicates that the writer has above average composition skills and that song nearly made it into the semi finals. A score of 7 is a semi finalist.

Songs that make it into the semi finals are awarded a score of 7 or 8 and a semi finalist position and certificate and are considered by the judges to be among the strongest songs in the contest. At this level songs are carefully examined multiple times by multiple judges. A score of 8 indicates that the song was a borderline finalist and almost made it into the finals.

Songs with a score of 9 are finalists and these very high scoring top songs are considered for the winning positions in their respective categories. The winning song in each category is given a score of 10 to show that it won the category.