The Long Yard Home lyrics - track 06


Wheels turn on a hill top – wind an invisible hand  
Looking out over Coleshill – Beyond water cuts the land
And you feel the echoes listen - and you hear the echoes call
Memories of the past - – - - - shape the future for us all
Windmills in a child’s hand – winter snowmen grand
Water colour memories – Like castles in the sand

Out across the valley – White horse drawn by giant’s hands
Older deeper memories – Held captive in this land
So you wonder where she is now – what dreams her night times bring
Dreams of you like yours of her – Memories rush as the echoes sing
The girl and boy play without a care – hide and seek – guess who dares
They shout together Dad come here – and you know the futures there
Memories drift - as the echoes fade – can’t remember - the last words she said
Bridges burn - as the children run – Future shines - in the morning sun
Echoes fade – one by one

And you know the echoes touch you – As they fade one by one
While the future sings to you – blessed by a summer sun

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